Unified Online Scheduling

Effortless Appointment Management for Acupuncturists

Easily manage appointments, reduce no-shows, and spend more time focusing on what matters most—your patients.

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Simplify Your Schedule, Enhance Your Practice

Key Features

  • Instant Booking
  • Automated Reminders
  • Customizable Schedules
  • Multi-Practitioner Management
  • Integrated Payments
  • Multi-Location Compatible

Tailored Schedules

Unified Practice empowers you to oversee numerous rooms, practitioners, and locations effortlessly, enabling the creation of tailored schedules that can be modified as required. Through our scheduling capability, you can simplify your scheduling procedures, prevent overlapping bookings, and guarantee the availability of practitioners and rooms.

Automatic Reminders and Notifications

Experience the convenience of Unified Practice with automatic reminders and notifications tied directly to patient scheduling. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually reminding clients of their appointments or keeping track of follow-ups. Unified Practice automates the process, ensuring that both practitioners and clients are promptly notified of upcoming appointments, changes, or cancellations. Enhance patient engagement, reduce no-shows, and optimize your practice’s efficiency, allowing you to focus more on delivering exceptional care.

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Real Results from Real Acupuncturists

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"Unified Practice helped me to reduce no-shows by 40% and made my charting twice as fast"

Recent Graduate Clinic Owner
Recent Graduate

"UP EHR is tailored to acupuncturists' needs and I love that UP is so on top of the shifting winds of the healthcare and AOM policies"

Jiyeon Park Acupuncturist
Jiyeon Park

Seamless Integrations with a Range of Capabilities and Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the critical importance around the security of your information and we use the most secure servers to ensure your information is stored and protected to the highest of standards.

Access to your Unified Practice Practice Management and EHR account is defined by user access levels so information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. All of your data transfers with us have the highest level of encryption against malicious parties.

We store all of your information in a HIPAA compliant SSAE 16 SOC 1 and SOC 2 data center. Your data is always encrypted in transit over the internet and at rest when it is being stored or archived on our servers. Offsite backups are performed daily.

Because Unified Practice is a cloud-based system, no information is stored locally on your iPad or computer. The only information that can be stored locally is data you export while signed into your Unified Practice account. Once you export the information it’s your responsibility to store it in a HIPAA compliant way.

We typically see clinics fully on-boarded in about two weeks.  On your sign up call, we’ll schedule coaching sessions to go over the system with you. These calls guide you through the system and provide opportunities to ask questions specific to your clinic’s needs.

Yes! We are HIPAA secure no matter where you access your account.

Yes. This means no information is stored on your local device. Being cloud-based allows anyone in your clinic to log in from anywhere at any time. You’ll also seamlessly receive platform updates and improvements.