A Clinic’s Success With Unified Practice’s Insurance Verification Service

A Clinic’s Success With Unified Practice’s Insurance Verification Service

  • Unified Practice
  • August 14, 2019
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One of our customers, Transformational Acupuncture, actively uses our practice management software’s latest feature: Insurance Eligibility Verification. With this benefit, our team of specialists will make the insurance calls for you, checking your patient’s benefits within 24-48 hours. 

We wanted to share a small bit of Transformational Acupuncture’s story in case it resonates with your clinic’s goals and inspires you to check out the service yourself. You can also learn more about our Insurance Eligibility Verification service and chat with our support team if you have any questions!

Check Your Benefits: Remove the Guesswork

If you take a look at Transformational Acupunctures’s website, there are several buttons that prompt patients to fill out an insurance form so their benefits can be checked.

When we asked their team if the multiple calls to action on their site were intentional, we got a resounding “yes!” 

“It is our intention to make everything as clear and simple for our patients as possible,” explains Nadia Bouhdili, Co-Owner and Operations Manager at Transformational Acupuncture.

Bouhdili says their clinic wants help take the guesswork out of how much their patients can expect to pay with their particular insurance policy: 

“So many people voice their appreciation for having their coverage details laid out for them in clear terms before they ever set foot in our clinic. I’d want the same for myself – the prospect of seeking out a service and not really knowing how much you’ll end up paying for it is bizarre.”

And yet, as Bouhdili describes, not knowing how much you’ll have to pay for a certain service is a very common, albeit unfortunate experience for people when seeking healthcare. (Luckily, over the last decade both insurance companies and employers are increasing health care coverage that includes access to acupuncture and other alternatives to Western medicine — but the amount of coverage still needs to grow.)

Remove Uncertainty, Boost Satisfaction

Streamlining the insurance verification process for Bouhdili and her team has made a significant impact on how their clinic runs. In addition to making things easier for their staff, being able to verify benefits in 24-48 hours significantly boosts the overall patient experience, too:

“When our patients have their expectations managed ahead of time, there is no need to field complaints, questions and other forms of customer dissatisfaction. Everyone is happier!” she exclaims. “Patients’ overall opinion of our clinic is very much affected by their experience of the administrative side of things. The smoother that goes, the better.”

Currently, Transformational Acupuncture is verifying 90 insurance benefits with Unified Practice per month, or about three a day. 

Convinced Yet? 

When asked if removing the burden of checking benefits has impacted her clinic, Boudhdili had a pretty strong response.

“I’ve made enough phone calls to insurance companies to know that the insurance verification service is saving us a LOT of time, time spent focusing on our patients and ensuring a good work environment for our team.”

If you’re interested in getting started and are a Unified Practice user, simply turn on the Insurance Verification on your Subscriptions Page. If you want to learn more about Unified Practice and the various ways we can help streamline your practice, send us an email. Your first three verifications are FREE, so get started today. 

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