Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a mobile app for iPhone that syncs with your calendar. Your appointments can be viewed on your synced calendar without any patient health information, ensuring HIPAA compliance.

We recommend 10-15 Mbps or higher for a single practitioner clinic. Larger clinics using more devices may require additional bandwidth. Both upload and download speeds should be taken into consideration when running Unified Practice.

Unified Practice’s acupuncture practice management and EHR platform will not work if the internet is down.

This is the case for all cloud-based EHR services. We recommend internet redundancy, so if your internet goes down you can continue working. Examples of redundancy include a backup internet you can access securely or using your phone’s “hot spot” with a good data plan (more than 6 GB for data).

Additionally, we recommend the “Wi-Fi + Cellular” version of the iPad which will give you peace of mind the day that you have a spotty internet connection.

You do, always.

We don’t own any of the data you enter into the system. If you decide you would like to move on, we can export your data to you.

We offer savings if you choose to pre-pay your subscription for the year.

Unified Practice’s scheduling and patient on-boarding tools are available on:

  • PC or Mac on the following web browsers: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • iPad iOS 10.0 and newer
  • Android & iPhone Agenda Apps for mobile scheduling

Unified Practice’s EHR is only available on iPad by downloading our application in the Apple App Store.

We recommend using iOS version 10.0 or newer. We also suggest the base model — no need to upgrade for additional storage on our cloud-based system!

We offer different plans with different tiers depending on your clinic’s needs. To learn more, take a look at our flexible pricing here.

Our system includes a variety  of features such as:

For your patients:

  • Book, view, manage, and cancel appointments online
  • Enter or update contact and insurance information
  • Fill out and sign new patient forms from the web or iPad

For your clinic:

  • TCM SOAP notes
  • Flexible clinic scheduling
  • Equipped for multi-practitioner and multi-location use
  • Robust inventory management
  • Sell products and issue receipts without an appointment
  • eRx – electronic prescription
  • Billing CMS-1500 & Superbills
  • Financial and analytical practice management tools
  • Create and submit claims to Office Ally with one click
  • HIPAA-compliant email marketing with Constant Contact
  • Phone-checked insurance benefit verification*
  • Email and SMS* appointment reminders
  • Customized patient intake forms
  • Integrated credit card processing*

*May incur additional cost

You can easily import your patients’ personal and demographic information with Unified Practice. If you need to import additional information or want us to take care of the data migration for you, connect with our team to learn about our professional services offering.

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